Feeling a little queasy? Wondering why your breasts are so tender? What about those crazy mood swings?

Am I possibly pregnant?


You may suspect that you are pregnant when you have unusual pregnancy symptoms after missing your period. For a start, check out your suspicion by using an urine pregnancy test kit. There are many brands of pregnancy test kits available in the market, which are reliable. These are available at our local pharmacies or stores. Alternatively, you could go to your doctor for a test.

#1 What is hCG pregnancy test?

During pregnancy, a hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) is produced, which circulates in the blood and is also present in the urine. The pregnancy test kit detects the presence of hCG in your urine. Most pregnancy test kits are sensitive and will detect hCG between 4-5 week of pregnancy. This means that for those with regular cycles, the test should be positive once you have missed your period by a few days.

#2 Should I test with first-morning urine?

Although you can test at any time of the day, your first-morning urine specimen is the most concentrated urine sample and most accurate. Go for it.

#3 When should I take the test if I suspect that I am pregnant?

You can test your urine as early as one week past ovulation but testing after the first few days of your missed period is recommended for better accuracy.

#4 Do I need a blood test to confirm my pregnancy?

Blood tests for hCG are more accurate in detecting HCG and they can also measure the actual levels of the hormone. These tests may be useful to tell a miscarriage when the blood hCG will drop with time. In a healthy pregnancy, the blood hCG level will double every 2 days. A blood test for progesterone hormone can also be useful as a good level would signify a healthy pregnancy.

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