OB GYN Tests and Procedures

Pregnancy is an exciting and rewarding experience! All your prenatal (including Second Trimester Screening Scan), delivery and postnatal needs will be attended to by our dedicated team.

The assessment starts from 6-8 weeks of the pregnancy when the baby and heartbeat can be captured by the ultrasound. We will also ask a detailed medical history and do a blood screening to check for progesterone deficiency for women at risk. This will reassure many women who are worried of risk of miscarriage.

An on-going pregnancy associated with vaginal bleeding is known as a threatened miscarriage. We may prescribe medication (progesterone). This is especially useful for women with proven low progesterone hormone on blood test.

There are non-invasive and invasive tests for prenatal diagnosis of genetic diseases. Down Syndrome is the most common chromosomal disorder. It causes mental disability and other health problems such as heart defect. We offer non-invasive OSCAR screening and NIPT test (eg. Harmony test) for risk screening. Gender is also revealed for NIPT test.

Protect yourself against flu, whooping cough (pertussis) and tetanus during pregnancy. The antibodies transmitted to your baby will also protect him/ her.

Ultrasound scan is a safe and quick way of assessing the growth and health of your baby.

  • Dating Scan (week 8-12)
    • Your first scan done in your first trimester. It predicts the due date of your baby.
  • OSCAR Scan (week 11-13)
    • This assesses your baby’s risk of Down Syndrome.
  • Detailed Scan (week 18-22)
    • This scan checks for all major organs and gender.
  • Growth Scan (week 32-36)
    • This monitors your baby’s growth and tells you about the health status of the baby.
  • 3D Scan
    • It furnishes a three-dimensional image of your baby’s face.
  1. Some early pre-cancerous changes in the cervix can be seen long before cancer develops. Treating the cervix at this stage will prevent cervical cancer transformation. The HPV/ Pap Smear is a simple and painless test to look for HPV infection and pre-cancerous changes.

Gardasil 9 is a vaccine for the prevention of cervical cancer caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). It is administered using a 3-dose schedule at 0, 2 and 6 months. It will reduce your lifetime risk of cervical cancer by 80%.

A pelvic ultrasound allows quick visualization of the womb and ovaries. It can be performed by transabdominal (TA) or transvaginal (TV) scan. A normal scan would reassure you.

If you are having some difficulty in getting pregnant, we have a variety of investigations and treatments to fulfil your dream of starting a family. Try to start a family as young as you can.

The first step towards preparing for a healthy pregnancy. It includes a pre-conception blood screening. A healthy mother will ensure a healthy baby.

Follicular tracking is a natural method of assisted conception as it optimises the timing of the sperm and egg meeting. It consists of ultrasound scans from day 10 of the menstrual cycle. The scans show the development of follicles and predict your best fertile days of ovulation.

If you or your partner has been diagnosed with sperm abnormalities or other unexplained infertility, IUI can help in achieving pregnancy. It involves inserting the prepared sperm sample from your partner through the cervix and into the womb, close to the time of ovulation.

We offer a range of birth control methods from pills, injections to Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUD) and implant. Find out what is best for you.

We customize a menstrual calendar which helps to track your menstrual pattern. This may indicate possible underlying gynaecological conditions or menopause.

Yeast infections are very common. During pregnancy, vaginal discharge may increase. Pregnant women are also more prone to yeast infection. Speak to us for prevention advices and prescriptions which range from feminine wash, creams and pessary.

Not sure what to do about a Fibroid or a Cyst? Are you bothered by the symptoms of Endometriosis? We offer consultations about medical treatment of pain management and the different surgical treatments. Depending on the stage of the Fibroid/ Cyst/ Endometriosis, there are a range of options and we will find the best treatment for you.

Prolapse is very troublesome for women due to incontinence or discomfort. Surgery is not always the solution. We will help you in the management with non-surgical options like lifestyle modifications, pelvic floor exercise or pessary therapy. If necessary, we will take you through the process of surgical treatment such as repair of weakened pelvic floor tissue or vaginal hysterectomy – removal of the womb.

From the menopausal symptoms of hot flashes to vaginal dryness, we have the right treatment and management for all women to age gracefully.

Gynae screening packages for women of all age groups. Designed specially for women to be in touch with the state of their health and well-being. Be the driver of your own health.

We partner with Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) to enhance the journey of pregnancy.

Get your medical review in the comfort of your home or office. This saves you time as you connect securely to our doctor with your concerns.